Full Service

This is our most comprehensive service- and also our most popular, especially for the destinations that have a more complex procedure (New Zealand and Australia) than others.

As well as all the services included in the Flight Only option, the Full Service option is intended to take away all the stress or worry in organising your pets travel overseas, and includes payment of permits needed to travel, as well as final Export Health Certificate sign off.

  • We apply for the import permit from the destination country's government agency on your behalf (fee included in quote);
  • We liaise with your vet to ensure that all tests and treatments needed are given at the right times and in the correct order;
  • We book quarantine space;
  • We prepare a detailed timetable of who needs to do what, and by when, for the period leading up to the flight date, and provide a reminder service to ensure vets appointments are booked /met. 
  • We apply for an Export Health Certificate from the UK DEFRA/APHA on your behalf, which is sent direct to our partner facilities at London Heathrow, where the final Export Health Certificate is completed the day before / of flight.
  • We include 1 night boarding at London Heathrow Airport facilities, as this provides enough time for final welfare check, EHC sign off and final document check.
  • Transfer Across to Airport Terminal for Check-in ahead of departure.


Ahead of travel, we  provide you with a fully IATA compliant travel crate/ kennel which is the right size for your pet.  We deliver this well in advance of the flight date so that your pet can get used to it before their travel. If you have a well-travelled pet, who already has its own travel crate, you can use it, but it must comply with current IATA Live Animal Regulations (designed for the safety and comfort of your pet), and meet any airline specific requirements. The regulations change from time to time so it is possible that a travel crate used some years ago to bring your pet to the UK may not meet the current rules.  If you have an existing travel crate, we will always try to use it, if we can.

We supervise the check-in, including the travel crate inspection by the airline and the documentation check; we answer any airline queries which may arise and make sure that your pet is settled quietly to wait for his or her boarding – pets usually board last and are unloaded first.

We can arrange collection of your pet at your home and delivery to the airline's check-in point for pets.  This is usually in the cargo area of the airport and some distance from the passenger terminals.  You can, of course, bring your pet to the airport and we, or our appointed partner agent, will meet you there. Likewise, if you will not be collecting your pet from the quarantine station or the airport yourself, we can arrange collection and onward transportation to their home.

Our fees for the full service depends on the country to which your pet is travelling and will be shown on our estimate. To receive an estimate, simply complete this form and one of our friendly team will contact you. Alternatively, contact us if you have any specific questions.

Pets by Plane Tip:  Your pet will need some time to get used to their new travel crate and we recommend that you should take delivery of their new 'home' at least a month before their travel date.  We will supply you with some suggestions for the best way to get your pet acclimatised to their new travel crate. Click here  to find out more about Travel Crates.