How to settle your pet in to a new home 

We're a nation of animal lovers and for pet owners, there's no doubt that our beloved furry friends are very much part of the family. It's no wonder that many owners take their pets with them when they move abroad for a new job, make a fresh start on the other side of the world, or even go on a family holiday.
Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for pets. Everything they've become accustomed to in their home, from a favoured room to familiar household smells, is suddenly changed. But with some careful planning you can make your pet's move to a new home as smooth and stress-free as possible.
Travel ahead
It's tempting to book your pet onto the same flight you're travelling on, but if they're in the hold (as is usually the case) they'll be transferred to the cargo area, which can be some distance from the passenger terminal. You'll also be busy organising travel from the airport and getting things sorted in your new home. Save yourself and your pet added stress by flying a few days ahead. That way you can collect your pet refreshed and ready to introduce it to the new home.
Friends reunited

Once you've had a happy reunion with your pet, you'll want to get them settled in as soon as possible. A dog's primary sense is smell so make your pooch feel at home by rubbing a soft cloth around the dog's face to pick up its scent profile, then dab the cloth at dog height on furniture and walls. Cats don't like change and may take longer to acclimatise, so unpack its bed and place it in a room with food and water nearby. Then leave your cat alone with the door open to give it time to explore the home when it's ready.
The great outdoors
Your dog is likely to want a walkie quite quickly, but until he's built up confidence in his new surroundings, exercise him on a lead. Use an extendable lead to give a little more freedom if necessary. Cats should be kept inside the house for up to two weeks. When you first let them out, stay with them until you're certain they've formed an attachment to their new home. Cats are very territorial and it might take them a while to claim their new territory from other feline competition in the neighbourhood. 
Routine matters
Stick to a routine, even if it's different to your old one. With regular meals and lots of love and attention, your pet will soon feel right at home in its new surroundings. 
Worry-free travel
One thing you don't need to stress about is your pet's journey. Here at Pets by Plane safe, hassle-free air travel is our speciality. Our experts can advise on flight options and regulations whatever your destination. Call us on 01903 944 787 or contact us by email using our contact form.