Miss Mops' Australian Adventure

Emigrating to another country is something many of us dream about. Whether it's for a sunnier climate, a new job opportunity or to join family members who've already moved, thousands take the plunge every year.
Around five million Britons live overseas, with Australia still the most popular destination for UK emigrants, followed by USA, Canada, Spain and New Zealand.1
While emigrating may seem like an exciting prospect, as your departure date looms you wouldn't be alone in feeling overwhelmed by the scale of organisation required to settle you and your family into a new life on foreign shores. And if you have much-loved family pets who'll be joining you on the adventure, you'll be anxious to ensure a safe passage for them too.
As dedicated experts in pet relocation, we can help to settle any worries you might have. Our friendly staff have hands-on experience of pet travel to all the popular destinations around the world, and can handle the whole process from start to finish - from delivery of an airline-certified pet carrier, to booking flights and advising you on country-specific quarantine regulations. 

Here on our blog, we'd like to share regular Pets by Plane 'Moving Stories', so that you can see for yourself some of the pets we've been proud to work with . . .
Meet Miss Mops
Miss Mops is a seven-year-old English Sheepdog whose family relocated from Liverpool to Australia with the help of Pets by Plane. Miss Mops flew from Manchester airport to Melbourne, where all dogs travelling to Australia must enter the country. After ten days in quarantine she flew on to Coffs Harbour, and now Miss Mops – and her owners – are loving their new life. Looking at this gorgeous picture sent to us by Miss Mops' family, we have to say she seems extremely happy in her stunning new surroundings!
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Research by international shipping company Pack Send.