Take the worry out of relocating your pet with Pets by Plane

It's only natural that when we move abroad we want to take our pets with us. But with that decision comes a lot of planning, paperwork and concern.
The relocation process involves a number of logistical factors, such as customs, quarantine, transport, vaccinations and documentation. Add to this the anxiety you may feel while your pet is en route to its new destination and it's no surprise that taking your pet abroad can be a stressful time.  
Choosing a dedicated pet carrier service to take the strain is a sensible option, whether you simply want to book your pet on a flight or you have more complex travel plans to negotiate. Here at Pets by Plane, we provide a comprehensive service, tailored to your particular needs. We can take your pet to and from the airport, supply airline-compliant travel crates, deal with paperwork and sort out the necessary legal requirements for your chosen destination.  
Communication is key for us at Pets by Plane. We want you to have a completely stress-free experience. When you entrust your pet into our care, we'll let you know what's happening every step of the way. 
We can help you sort out your pet's documentation, letting you know what paperwork is required, and when. Rules and regulations surrounding pet travel differ from country to country and airline to airline, but our dedicated team of experts has the knowledge to negotiate the complexities of the industry. We can source the best possible routes to ensure your pet flies in safety and comfort, and at a sensible price. 
We understand that you'll have concerns about your pet's wellbeing during the flight, just as you would with any family member. That's why we're in touch with you right the way through the relocation 

process, tracking the progress of your pet's flight and advising you in the event of any delay. All you'll have to think about is the happy reunion you'll have once your pet is back with you and exploring the new surroundings. Our motto is 'We care in the air', and we make the comfort and safety of your pet our absolute priority.  
If you'd like to know more about what we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Please complete our quotation request form, or contact us via our enquiry form, or by calling us on 01903 944 787.