Welcome to our new website

It's been an exciting year for Pets by Plane. We've been working round the clock to fly your much-loved animals to destinations all over the world. And behind the scenes, we've been busy designing a brand new website and logo for our company.
We're delighted with the results, and we hope you'll enjoy browsing the site as much as we've enjoyed creating it. It's packed with information and advice to help answer any questions you might have about pets travelling by plane. 
Our motto – We Care in the Air – has never been more important to us. Your pets' welfare is our prime concern; as animal lovers ourselves, we understand that pets are a treasured part of the family. It's our mission to ensure the smoothest and safest of journeys, so that you and your pets can be reunited as quickly as possible, with the minimum of stress.
Here on our blog we'll be giving you extra insights into our work, highlighting different aspects of pet travel, including plenty of tips, case studies, and of course some cute pet pics!
To get started, we'd like to share a snap of Bonnie - a beautiful black labrador and faithful companion to our general manager, Martin Instone. Bonnie's original pedigree name is 'Just Perfect Miss' – an apt name if ever there was one.

Whether you're planning a short European break with your pet pooch, or a relocation to Australia with a whole menagerie of animals, we're here to help. Don't hesitate to get in touch on 01725 472042 or via our contact form.