Flight Only 

This is our most basic option, and does pretty much what it says on the tin.  For those with previous shipping experience who want to be involved, then this might be the choice for you, but for countries with a more complex procedure (such as Australia and New Zealand) then you may want to explore the full service option.

  • We book the flight (including security, surcharges and handling) – most airlines won't accept a booking directly from a member of the public.
  • We provide documentation for the flight and and submit the UK Customs entries.
  • We provide a bespoke IATA compliant travel crate (can be supplied by client if preffered)
  • Where applicable, we will provide a timetable of what tests need to be performed, by whom and when, however it is your responsibility to ensure that this schedule is kept.
  • Where applicable, we will apply for the Export Health Certificate to be sent direct to your vet of choice (electronically), where you will book and ensure the final sign off is completed ahead of departure.


You are responsible for all other documentation, foreign country import permits, UK vet certifications and the UK Export Health Certificate, quarantine bookings and releases etc.

We can add in other services- such as provide home-to-airport travel for your pet, Export Health Certificate or Animal Health Certificate sign off, boarding facilites at the airport, if needed.

Whilst providing the most economical option for shipping your pet, some countries have stricter entrance policies than others, and therefore for these destinations unless you are an experienced shipper, you may benefit from our full service.