Frequently asked questions...

Q. What if I suddenly have to postpone my flight?

A. We know that travel problems do arise. Maybe your own plans have changed, or your pet is unable to travel at the original time. Don't worry, as we can change the flight and get your pet back on track very quickly and, usually, only a small admin charge will be made to cover the amended paperwork and permits. 

Q. Where on the aircraft does my pet travel?

A. In general, all pets must travel as 'manifested cargo'.  This means that they travel in a compartment which is below the passenger cabin. This is kept pressurised, heated and ventilated, just like the passenger cabins. It is also kept dark, which encourages pets to sleep through the flight.

Q. Will my pet be safe and comfortable while flying?

A. All pets have to travel in containers which are compliant with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations and with specific airline guidelines. These are all designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during their travel. They must always have enough space in their travel crate to stand up, lie down and turn around easily.

We can provide standard or custom-made air kennels which meet the IATA guidelines and include absorbent bedding and food and water pots. We ensure the container is secure and isn't too big (which can make your pet feel insecure), or too small. We usually like to deliver your container at least a month before your pet's flight so they can get used to it well before they travel.

Q. Can my pet travel on the same flight as me?

A. If you let us know which flight/airline you are planning to use and the date you plan to travel, we can make every effort to book cargo space on the same flight. This does depend on the airline having space and, for some flights, the time of arrival at transit points along the way. Additionally, in some countries animals are only permitted to arrive at certain airports. 

Q. I already have a travel crate, can I use it?

A. We will always try to use an existing travel crate, providing it is IATA compliant. To be certain that your own crate is suitable we would need to know what size it is, what it is made of (plastic or wood) the internal dimensions and some specific measurements from your pet. Click here to find out what measurements we need and how to measure your pet. 

Q. Can I fly out of my local airport?

A. Most flights will leave from the main international airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc) and, sometimes, it can make sense for your pet to fly to one of these airports from a more local one. We can usually arrange a collection of your pet from your home and take them by road to their departure airport. 

Q. Will my pet receive food and water?

A. Your pet will not be fed during the flight and we advise that you only give a light meal in the morning of travel if it's on a night flight. If your animal will be flying in the day, we advise it should be fed the night before. Your pet's air kennel will be fitted with a water container which will be filled before departure. We would also suggest that you exercise your pet as near to the flight time as possible.

Q. If I'm on the same flight as my pet, can I visit it during the flight?

A. Unfortunately no. Neither passengers nor crew have access to the cargo hold during flight.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions regarding your pet's travel.