Travel crates

We can provide a high quality standard plastic air kennel, or build a bespoke wooden travel crate for your pet. No matter which type of air kennel you choose from us, you can be assured it will meet the strict IATA guidelines and allow room for your pet to lie down, stand up and turn around easily, so it has a comfortable and relaxed journey.

If you have a well-travelled pet and already have an IATA compliant travel crate, you can of course use it. However, you should be aware that the IATA Live Animal regulations and airline specific rules do change, so a travel crate that was used to bring your pet to this country some years ago may no longer be compliant and may not be accepted by the carrying airline. This could mean your pet might be turned back at the airport or delayed while a compliant travel crate is found. Wherever possible, we will use your existing travel crate.

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The different types of travel crates

The cost of your pet's flight is determined by the volume of the air kennel and not the weight of your pet. There are two types of air kennels that we can supply:

  1. A standard sized plastic crate. You can purchase your own plastic air kennel from one of the many online sellers, but not every plastic travel container meets IATA regulations. It may also not be supplied with absorbent floor coverings, or with water and food containers which can be filled without opening the door. Plastic travel crates come in standard sizes which usually means at least one of the dimensions is bigger than necessary. This extra space can dramatically increase the cost of the flight and it can also make your pet feel slightly insecure.
  2. A bespoke wooden air kennel, designed and manufactured specifically for your pet. A wooden travel crate can often save you money as it's made to fit your pet rather than built to a standard size.  This means you're only paying for the space you need to keep your pet safe and comfortable, not for extra space which is not required, but is charged by the airline.

Every air kennel we supply comes with absorbent bedding and will be fitted with a food and water containers that will be filled before your pet boards the aircraft. If you would like a quote for your pets travel please complete this form, or contact us if you would like further information about the air kennels we supply.


How to acclimatise your pet

Whilst we will do everything possible to ensure your pet has the safest and most comfortable journey possible, there is a certain amount of stress involved as it is a total break from its normal routine. An important part of minimising any discomfort is getting your pet used to the air kennel they will be travelling in.

When using Pets by Plane we will deliver your pet's travel crate to you well in advance of the flight, so your dog or cat can become acclimatised to it. Below, please see some top tips on how to do this:

  1. Leave the air kennel in a place where your dog or cat can explore it and place things they like inside, such as a favourite toy, blanket or treat.
  2. For the first few days tie the door open so your pet can go in and out as it pleases.
  3. Once your pet starts resting in the air kennel, begin to shut the door and let them nap. Just close it for a few minutes to start with, then increase the length of time gradually.
  4. Finally, if you have the space, start taking your pet on car journeys whilst in the crate with just bedding. For dogs, it's a good idea to go to places it loves, such as the park, so it can see that travelling in the crate leads to fun things. When you return home, give your pet a treat and some fuss as a reward.

If you would like a quote for your pets travel please complete this form. Alternatively, our knowledgeable and helpful team are happy to give advice, so please contact us if you would like further information.


Why getting the crate measurements right is important

We put the comfort, safety and well-being of your pet above everything else, so ensuring they travel in the right air kennel is extremely important. We can provide you with either a standard plastic, or custom-made wooden crate which meets the strict IATA guidelines. Providing us with your pet's correct measurements will mean we can ensure it has the best possible journey by guaranteeing there is enough room to stand up, lie down and turn around – unless you're travelling in first class, your pet will probably have more room than you!

Allowing your animal to travel in a crate that is too small is not only dangerous, but it goes against the very strict airline rules. When your pet is received at the airport, your carrier will check to ensure the size of the crate is suitable for the pet and they will refuse your pet travel if it is deemed to be too small.

Additionally, as our quotes are based on the measurements of your pet and the volume of the sky kennel, failure to provide the right measurements could mean an additional cost is incurred. Don't be tempted to add a few centimetres to your measurements, as we do this when calculating the right travel crate size.

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