Crate expectations – why comfort is key when pets travel by plane

If you're planning a flight for your pet – whether that's for a move abroad or a holiday – you're bound to have a host of questions. One of the first things we're often asked is whether it's necessary to buy a crate or carrier for your pet to travel in.
Carriers need to meet stringent safety standards drawn up by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). If you're a cat owner, you probably already have a carrier for trips to the vet, but it's unlikely that this will meet the IATA guidelines. Check with us though, in case it does comply.
More commonly, you will need to buy a new carrier, which can be a high quality standard plastic model, or a bespoke-made wooden crate. We can build and supply carriers at a competitive price, so please do get in touch for a quotation
To ensure ultimate comfort and safety, your pet's carrier must be just the right size; you'll need to accurately measure your dog so that we can supply or build an air kennel accordingly. Cats don't usually need measuring unless they are particularly large. The crate needs to be big enough for your animal to stand up, turn around, stretch out and lie down (the equivalent of first class travel for humans!).

It's really important for your pet to get used to its carrier in the days building up to the flight. Once we've delivered it to you, encourage your animal inside by putting in a favourite toy or treat, and leave them to explore. When your pet begins to rest in the crate, gently shut the door and let them nap. There are further tips on getting your pet acclimatised here
On the day of the flight, the crate will be lined with soft absorbent bedding, and the water containers will be filled (we supply the bedding and containers along with the crate). Once in the air, lighting is usually dimmed in the cargo hold, and the temperature is carefully controlled to ensure comfort of the animals on board. Most pets tend to lie down and sleep during long journeys, and they arrive refreshed and ready to start their onward journey.
We hope we've answered some of your questions about your pet's in-flight accommodation, but if you'd like to know more don't hesitate to get in touch. Please complete our quotation request form , or contact us via our enquiry form or by calling us on 01725 487 765.