Pet Export

There's no getting around it - taking your pet travelling by air outside the UK, whether on a short holiday or more permanently, is expensive, time-consuming and can be complicated.

There are a host of regulations which need to be followed, both country and airline specific, and they quite often change.

In general, the farther away or more exotic your destination, the more work is needed to meet import regulations, veterinary requirements and to navigate through the local rules.

Our job at Pets by Plane is to help you find the right flights (many airlines will not carry snub-nosed breeds of dogs and cats) navigate the rules and regulations, advise on the right travel kennel and make sure that your pet can travel comfortably, securely and as economically as possible.

With over 25 year's experience in transporting animals around the world, we'll ensure everything is as stress free as possible and we will make the calm well-being, comfort and safety of your pet our top priority. We take our motto of 'We care in the air' extremely seriously and pride ourselves on giving a dedicated, efficient and caring service.

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